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Service Parents Guide Advertising Rates
Size Dimensions (Depth x Width) mm Price
Outside Back Cover 297 x 210 mm £3,500
Inside Front Cover 297 x 210 mm £3,300
Single Page 297 x 210 mm £3,000
Half Page (horizontal / vertical) 125 x 185 mm (h) or 256 x 125 mm (v) £1,700
Quarter Page (vertical / horizontal) 125 x 85 mm (v) or 60 x 185 mm (h) £975
Eighth Page 60 x 85 mm £600
Listing Print only £130
Agency Commission 10% Guaranteed Position +10%
Series Discounts: 2 insertions 15% Free print listing with your advertising

Service Parents Guide Online Advertising
Position Size 6 months duration
Listing and Link (includes listing in the magazine) £350
Large banner on editorial pages 300 wide pixels x 60 pixels high £300
Small banner on editorial pages 150 wide pixels x 30 pixels high £200
Prospectus request service button £60
Link to E Magazine £50
Website rates cover the period 18.09.12 – 17.03.13. Other periods by negotiation

The magazine is published twice a year March and September Printed in Full Colour - Size A4 Distributed via British Forces Post Office (both UK and Overseas)to the
Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force:
● Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS)
(copies given to all Service parents enquiring about the CEAS allowance)
● Officers Messes/Wardrooms
● WO and Sergeants’ Messes
● Education and Resettlement Officers
● Administration Officers
● Medical Centres
● Dental Centres
● Copies requested after seeing advertisements in Quest:
(The Tri-Service Education and Resettlement Magazine).

Also distributed to UK Diplomatic families via Foreign and Commonwealth Office

In the UK, there are some 500 accredited boarding schools in membership of either the Independent Schools Council or the Boarding Schools Association with a total boarding population of around 70,000.

Service parents are eligible to claim the Continuity of Education Allowance, which provides assistance with meeting the boarding fee. Consequently, Service children make up a vital proportion of those boarding, and their needs and special circumstances are well understood within the schools. In 2008–09 the Ministry of Defence spent £172,844,735 on boarding school fees for 9,090 children from Armed Forces families.** The 9,090 (one in eight of the total boarding population) came from 5,710 Officers, 3,320 Noncommissioned Officers and 60 Other Ranks.

** Hansard 2010


Contributions in the current issue:

£4654 for Boarding Juniors
£6074 for Boarding Seniors
£9076 for Special Needs

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