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About Quest4Courses

Quest 4 Courses is a newly launched training and recruitment guide, with a distribution network unique to Bulldog Publishing. Each issue will highlight a specific subject area. Bulldog Publishing uses its strong editorial content and already established industry connections to provide up to date information to those who are looking at choosing or developing their career path.
Quest 4 Courses – is intended to provide a useful, unbiased overview of the your specific Industry, highlighting the less obvious career options, areas of interest, and relevance to UK Forces personnel. Advertisement’s reinforce the intended message and increase enquiries from Services personnel about specific opportunities offered.
Quest 4 Courses has a unique tailored distribution network currently unavailable to other resettlement media providers.
  • The magazine will be distributed  via our exclusive network of   Resettlement and Education   Officers throughout the MoD   
 ERO’s – Education and Resettlement Officer
 NIRO – Naval Individual Resettlement Officer
 RO’s – Resettlement Officer
 IERO’s – Individual Education & Resettlement Officer
 IRO’s – Individual Resettlement Officer 
 RMRO – Royal Marines Resettlement Officer
 RCMO’s - Regimental Careers Management Officers
 RETM’s – Regional Education and Training Manager
 RRA’s – Regional Resettlement  Advisors
 URO – Unit Resettlement Officer
  • The whole publication will be viewable on an electronic page flip for 12 months, the page flip will also be promoted through our range of websites, and electronic products.
  • The publication and page flip will be promoted by an HTML newsletter, distributed to everyone who has expressed an interest in the specific subject area.
  • Remember – MoD Funding is Secure, an important factor in the current economic climate.
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